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Women Influencers that Keep Me on My Toes!

Do y'all know what the easiest thing is? ( Listen, I'll tell you) The easiest thing... is to do nothing. Laziness has been an on and off friend of mine and when I hear those sweet whispers, I quickly tune into the podcast, IG pages, or websites of these women. You may know them but if you don't you most certainly should if you want to "get up off that thang" (in my James Brown voice).

Dalijah Amelia!

I've mentioned Dalijah often in my blogs. She's my mentor and just an all around boss! It seems that the minute I decide "today will be a nothing day," I can always count on her to DM me or send a text message! I'm super lucky to know and have her as a resource, however she motivates countless others as well through her business, Black Girls Pole, podcast Black Girl Fit Files and blog! Dalijah is smart, funny and can tell you how to start a business while, hanging upside down on her pole with perfect pointed toes! I get my multitasking motivation from her. Dalijah was pregnant, helped coordinate my wedding and danced for LIZZO on Saturday Night Live all in 48 hrs! She's a new mommy and I must admit I've been enjoying her asking me things for a change! LOL.


Mattie James!

Y'all this woman is the Muva of influencers! Not only does she have the most gorgeous pics and family, but she is so approachable and kind. With over 80,000 followers on IG she makes the time to respond to comments and DMs. Mattie is a wife, mother of 3, lifestyle blogger and influencer coach– extraordinaire. Each Wednesday her followers (myself included) anxiously anticipate her IG live, where she gives tips and pointers on how to become a successful influencer, blogger and business owner. I've been a fan since Dalijah introduced me to her page and in Mattie's words "she's just fine!"

IG:@themattiejames Website:

Aurelia Michael!

Have you ever met someone that was just a breath of fresh air or had the it factor? Well that's exactly how I describe Aurelia. (Except add a ton of talented sprinkles and crazy work ethic syrup)! What I admire most is her willingness to use all of her resources to bring the it factor out of everyone she comes in contact with! Her business, Aurelia Michael Living consults everything from fashion to organization, goal setting and improving confidence in general. Aurelia has the keys to unlock a person's highest potential plus she is a phenomenal dancer, actor, broadway baby, life coach and so much more!


Jasmine L.Thomas!

The history of Jasmine's motivation speeches for me began on the bridge at girl scout camp circa' 99 when I REFUSED to go across just for pomp and circumstances! She screamed at me from the other side and finally I crossed. Listen, not much has changed we live on opposite coasts and she still screams at me from the other side LOL! Jasmine is the epitome of a successful serial..entrepreneur. She took a leap of faith, quit her full time job and has been running successful businesses ever since such as Limitless Learning Tutoring, Mindset Oueen Podcast and She's Worthy. Listening to her youtube videos, podcasts and even just scrolling through her motivational posts give me the same courage as that day on the bridge.


Each of these influencers motivate me, not to be just like them– but to be the best version of myself! So the next time our friend, Lazy, comes whispering sweet nothings in your ear, I hope you'll take a look at these phenomenal women and match their energy.

Let me know how it goes!

Love ya,


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