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Why I love Hello Fresh

How many times have you seen the Hello Fresh ad while scrolling down your timeline? At least 100 times for me. I always looked, but kept right on scrolling until a couple of months ago when I decided to give it a try. I am so happy that I finally clicked the ad and here are the top reasons why:


If I realize that dinner is approaching and my groceries are looking a little scarce, the first thing I do is open the Uber Eats app. Well, for 3 adults and a tiny but grownish toddler, ordering out usually totals around $100 after delivery fees, tips etc. When I realized that Hello Fresh offered meals around $6 per person I almost fell to the floor! You can also manage how often your meals come and skip weeks to adjust to your budget.

Parmesan-Crusted Chicken with Creamy Lemon Tomato Spaghetti


Hello Fresh comes like clockwork on Thursdays in a nice, big, frozen box. Each meal is packaged with ingredients labeled in brown paper bags. There's even a little note to instruct which meal you should cook first (just incase you didn't major in food freshness).

Hello Fresh also includes the recipes and directions on placemat--sized posters (you can't miss it sis). The biggest plus for me is that all of the recipes encourage minimal pans so your cleanup is super easy! (Especially if you're like me- cooking and somehow end up doing the cleaning too.)

Unbelievably FRESH

The meals I've received so far definitely live up to the name. Listen, the food is fressssshhh ok. I also have a husband who believes in leftovers but never eats them (nails on a chalkboard to my grandma RIP). The meals are proportioned just right for the number of people in your family so less leftovers and less of my ancestors rolling over in their graves (my grandparents and greats did not believe in throwing away food).

With the Hello Fresh meals, we may have had leftovers twice with only one serving left that he could take to work (or at least pretended to so I wouldn't complain about wasting food LOL).

To make your decision a little easier, this code will make your first 3 weeks even more affordable! Tell them Alex sent ya!

Sending Virtual Hugs,


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