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Three Ways To Kick Off The New Year!

First off, Happy New Year loves! I know 2020 gave us a run for our money figuratively and literally but WE MADE IT by the grace of the number one OG! I took a much-needed break in December, to complete some outward (home) and inward (self) development. Now I’m ready to take January and the 11 months to follow by the… you know the what. I’m taking these three steps to ensure (as much as possible) that this year I’ll make some things shake and not just my derriere.

No.1 Vision Board

If you know me, you know that I will bet my last good handbag ( The Louis V) on a vision board! Manifestation is real y’all! Whether you choose to do a vision board or maybe even a vision journal, you will be amazed at the things that come to fruition right before your very eyes. I took a look back at the one I created in 2018, and all I could say is thank you Lord. From the wedding and grad school, to health goals and savings, they were all posted as a collage of magazine images and printouts. On this year's board I removed what I accomplished, kept the things that are still in reach and added a few more. My advice is to run out to Michael’s (they usually have a good sale) and find a nice 16x20 frame. Creating your board is just the beginning. The next step is to find somewhere to place it in plain view so that every single day you remember what you’re striving for and set your intentions accordingly.

No. 2 Challenge

What’s the New Year without a challenge, or fast, or something to jump start your adrenaline? This month I committed to 30 days of reading and auditions through the Aurelia Michael Living Challenge. If you follow my stories on Instagram you may have noticed the hashtag #JustDoItJanuary. I plan on keeping that phrase with me through the entire year. If you’re like me, you overthink which toothpaste to use in the morning, instead of just slapping the paste on the brush and going for it. I’m not actually that indecisive but I do waste a ton of time contemplating instead of just going for it. The book I'm currently reading as well as many more are coming from my Amazon Book List click HERE to take a look. I’ve been doing a dance with Voice Over acting for a few months now and have decided to do it professionally so at the moment all of my auditions are in the 4 small walls of our in-home studio. I’m also prepping myself with classes so once Broadway opens, I’ll be hitting the pavement ready.

No. 3 Discipline

I saved the best for last! The first two are fun and exciting but this one carries you from January to December. I’ve heard the phrase, “Consistency is key, consistency is key” repeated so many times but unfortunately there isn’t a consistency fairy godmother to wave a wand around our heads. It takes discipline and grit, and honestly, I still struggle with both. When I consider moments when I felt invincible and on top of my game it was the discipline that set me apart. I didn’t always feel like working out or rehearsing the same song 918 times, but I knew that the results would be well worth it. 2020 kicked me around a bit and if I didn’t have to wake up early, I slept in. I was then annoyed with myself for the lack of productivity accomplished from 10am-10pm! I had to leave that mindset in 2020. I absolutely must show up for myself just as I would show up for someone’s rehearsal or time clock…...early. I have to keep my word to myself just as I would to my husband or and you who are reading this. Discipline is what takes us from maybe to yes and from midway to the finish line.

We put a lot of hope in 2020 prior to it's arrival and it shocked the heck out of us (well at least me). When the clock struck midnight welcoming 202,not much changed except our hope. I definitely felt a little sigh of relief knowing that we made it through some of our toughest days and felt a glimmer of hope that 2021will be a bit smoother. Let's not just think on that hope; let's write it, paste it! Let’s go beyond our limits and show up for ourselves every single day! Let me know how it goes, and I’ll keep you posted on my journey too.

Love ya,


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