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Three Easy Ways To Keep Your Marriage Spicy

Listen I told y'all being bad can mean so many things. Sometimes it's "Oh shoot I left his work clothes in the washer and he leaves in 25 minutes" bad (thank God for the Quick Dry setting). But Sometimes... it's Megan Thee Stallion Savage Bad. Since we were literally forced to be together for the majority of our time I figured I should amp up the "savage bad" more than usual. This is what has worked thus far.

Weekly Date Nights

Even though we were home I still wanted to set some time aside just for the two of us. We're also super blessed to have an in home babysitter who offers to watch our cute little terror (my mom). Our stay at home dates consist of candlelight dinner on the balcony, the porch, or even a movie date in his man cave. If we don't feel like cooking and just want to relax we use uber eats and get to work... then get to work. And yes I do get dressed for the occasion.

''Spa Play''

Yes you read it right. Listen, my body had become well adjusted to my monthly appointments at Hand and Stone Massage at Ridge Hill. No reason to make my muscles and joints suffer at home when instead of the boring old "french maid get up" why not play masseuse and client. I got this amazing massage oil from Shea Moisture at Ulta for the $12 and it feels like heaven on the skin. Plus your clothes are already off and you can tip your masseuse any way you choose.

Change Up the Look

I love to switch up my hair. I go between natural hair, sew ins, braids, and wigs. I've been having fun with wigs these past few months. My hair stylist Diandra creates the most beautiful units and I get exactly what I pay for, luxury. When I'm counting the pennies my go to is Luvme Hair. My husband is 6 years my senior, so I always tease him about having a mid life crisis. I remind him that he already has a younger wife and if he feels the urge to see someone else I can just throw on any wig in my collection lol. Pictured from left to right (Lexi, Mrs. Davis, Ally and Alexandra)

I'm still experimenting with new things and can't wait to post an updated list. What I love about these three, is that they're not too crazy to achieve. You won't pull any muscles (unless you want to) and you're still continuing to make an effort just like when you were dating. Let me know how it goes!



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