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The POP.. 3 Ways that Prayer Can Change Your Life

No matter who are what you believe in.. when the going gets tough, we all find ourselves crying out to God, or the universe or statues (whatever your preference or beliefs) looking for help, answers and relief. I mentioned in my self care blog post that I love to journal and have currently been reading a 30-day devotional entitled Anchored In Faith by the lovely Carla K. Whitehead. Some mornings I'm so amazed, because the words will jump right at me as if it was preempted for my particular situation. July is my special month as I spoke about in my post Leap of Faith. However..... my special month usually comes with a number of test and trials as well. But prayer is no joke y'all, so I figured I'd share with you just how powerful it is and the way it has changed my own life.

1) Renew Your Spirit and Energy

Even we, "strong friends," have days that our spirits may feel weary and worn down. Recently, I had a super emotional day and because I've suffered with spouts of depression before, I try to be proactive in seeking help or comfort before I spiral. Quick Disclaimer: Prayer is real and so is therapy.. I'm a fan of both so if you or someone you know is feeling a sense of overwhelming grief or sadness please seek help. I'll add some links at the end of this post.)

Praying for yourself is not selfish, it's smart. Think of it as putting the oxygen mask on yourself first before you assist others. When I feel like my world is spiraling out of my grasp I cast my cares, worries and anxieties to my creator. I can hear in my head my Granny singing as loud as she could "I feel better, so much better since I laid my burdens down" LOL. But it's so true, even if I don't have all the answers, I feel so much lighter and calmer.

2) Better Your Marriage/Relationship

Whoever said marriage is hard work... doesn't get enough credit. Listen, I've said it before and I'll say it again; venting my head off to the hearers, readers and doers, was resolving absolutely nothing. Marriage counseling, though it may be healthy for some, both (you and your partner) must consider it as a priority and have a blameless mindset. Cause honey, sitting in front of somebody on a comfortable couch just to get validation that "you're right" is literally just donating money to your therapist or counselor. However, prayer can be done on your own time and terms. You can cry, shout, whisper, scream (I wouldn't recommend cussing... but the God I know and serve IS FORGIVING so just try your best and if you need help refer to my post 3 Ways to Stop You from Cursing Out Your Partner). My cousin-in-law, Camille, introduced me to this 30-day prayer challenge for your husband. Y'all it works! Not only did I see a positive change in Goose, but it honestly changed my outlook and approach to some things as well. When I stopped, I felt it. I've done the devotional twice already and will most likely pick it up again next month! Click HERE to view the free devotional!

3) Relinquish Your Limiting Beliefs

Did you get that? I didn't either before I started journaling my prayers in 2013. Don't get me wrong, God has been looking out since '91 but before 2013 I had this boxed idea of prayers. I've heard soooo many times "You have not because you ask not," (literally some people's fave scripture is James 4:2-3). Well, It's true. When I stopped confining my requests based on what I perceived as possible it made room for God to really unfold some crazy unbelievable things. You want to live in your highest frequency? Ask. Believe. Receive. I've literally watched words written on sheets of paper come to fruition. Not just moving to New York, or meeting my husband on a dating app LOL but requests for my family and friends as well!

The POP is real. I can't always explain it or understand it but I'm so thankful to have it! Prayer has made a world a difference in my relationship with myself, my husband, with God and with so many others.

Tip: Make sure you're specific. Pray for strength and just wait for "something" to strengthen you... Pray for patience... and just wait for the whole world to push your buttons and for every person you encounter to walk super slow in your path LOL. Pray for love... and just think twice before you put his or her corny self in the friend box!

After sharing the devotional with a friend I teased her, that I know how God feels when I pray about something, the issue is resolved and I forget to say thanks or give an update. Since then I've been better about reporting back with my testimonies and reviews LOL.

So as always, LET ME KNOW HOW IT GOES!

Praying for ya,


The H.O.P.E. Center or Text WORTHY to 741741

Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255


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