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The Paper Year... (An anniversary letter to my husband.)

I've often wondered the meanings behind anniversary gifts. Why paper for the

first year and silver for the the 25th? I mean are we not worthy of silver NOW due to the fact we made it a whole year without committing a homicide? After using my millennial instincts to google: why is the first anniversary gift paper? I found many interesting facts but a few stuck out to me.

1) Paper is the most fragile and delicate of objects.

As I reflect on this year, I think about all of the wonderful times we shared but also the difficult moments where we were inches away from throwing in the paper towel. Like paper, feelings were easily torn to pieces because of crumpled dreams and perceptions of how we imagined our relationship and each other should be.

2) Paper symbolizes the interweaving of our lives, creating something strong and beautiful.

We've only been married for a year, together for a little over 3 and we can already see results of the intertwining our lives. Her name is Oakley. Darryl Davis you are a good husband but you are an outstanding father. She has so many qualities of you that I adore. She is the best of both of us and a gift that I will forever be grateful for.

3) Paper represents natural growth.

Thank you for allowing me to grow as a person and a partner. Six years is a significant difference in age, and though most times I act 42 haha, there are plenty of 27 year old moments as well. I appreciate your patience, your willingness to provide and your constant push to ensure I'm the best version of myself. We are continually learning each other's boundaries, dreams, fears and the core of our beings. I admire you more than you know and I'm so proud of the things you have accomplished. I feel privileged to grow with you and look forward to growing old with you as well.

4) Paper is blank signifying new beginnings.

So this year was hard, like really hard. But how exciting to know that we have limitless possibility ahead of us. With a year under our belts we get a chance to write our story and spoiler alert: we already know a full list of things that won't lead to happily ever after. I'm hopeful for this new year and excited to see what's in store for the future adventures of Moo Moo and Goose.

Darryl, I love you so incredibly much. I am grateful to have you as my best friend, my husband and my baby's daddy lol. You have a wonderful heart and a smile that lights up the room. I can be annoyed with you times 1000 and you still find a way to make me smile. Your work ethic is unmatched and I believe that you would do just about anything to make me smile. Marriage is work and I promise to always be a willing participant even when my stubbornness strikes. I promise to rub your head more and send text while you're at work, to initiate more date nights and create the longest run-on sentences about how much you mean to me. One year down, at least 99 more to go! Don't think you're going to be rid of me after we die- that's just another sheet of paper.

Love you to the Moo Moon and back!


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