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The Low Down on the Latest and Greatest Honeymoon Ever!

Last month we did something unthinkable… we escaped our toddler! Shoutout to Mommi Nanni for holding down the fort. It only took 3 years and a pandemic for us to go on an actual honeymoon LOL. Even though we’ve been getting along pretty well these last couple of months, this trip was much needed! Here’s why…..

Uninterrupted Quality Time

New York quality time= we’re both doing work, taking calls, checking emails and social media....together. Traveling to Jamaica with no responsibilities was such a breath of fresh air! I shared with him that his jokes were much funnier on an island and he concluded that I was way less of a germaphobe (partly because there wasn't many guests at the resort). We were able to rest, relax and simply enjoy each other’s company.

Rekindled Intimacy

Speaking of each other’s company… we surely enjoyed the nonstop alone time. Don’t get me wrong it goes down in the Bronx haha, however 5 days of ocean views/sounds and on demand Bob Marley cocktails set the mood for a pretty good time! We stayed in the Honeymoon Villa Suite at the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort in Lucea, Jamaica. The room was phenomenal! There was a jacuzzi tub for two, an outdoor shower and a patio with a view of the water! Talk about paradise! I even shared with my sister cousins that I cannot confirm or deny if Oakley’s sibling was conceived LOL. Stay tuned

Reconnecting Our Bond

This experience reminded me of when Goose (that's Darryl if you're new here) and I first started dating. We had about 5 responsibilities combined (I’m being generous) and things were just easy.We could share our hopes and dreams with each other for hours without pause or reservation. As those aspirations became realities the conversation topics began to shift. The discussions that now take center stage consist of mortgage, Oakley, politics, jobs, and wait did I mention Oakley? While away, we were able to communicate some new goals that we have for ourselves individually and for our family as a whole. I was reminded of how far we’ve come and regardless of the ups and downs he really is the person that I want to share the best and worst part every day with.

We both agreed that mandatory baecations will take place at least once a year! Listen, we both manage to find a nerve to get on every now and then, but I’ve come to the conclusion that the honeymoon phase that I thought we missed was a choice. My perspective, respect and appreciation of my spouse is what can maintain those butterflies and goose bumps (that's where he get's his nickname from btw) that we experienced in the beginning stages of our relationship. So from now on out when the coals of love are burning out, we’re heading to the tropics LOL. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Love ya,


Psssss..... Below is a video of our room and click HERE for the resort's website! We booked through Jet Blue Vactions! Shoutot to my friend Ashley, the real MVP, for helping us with the planning and booking process! She's also a blogger and you can follow her journey here:

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