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September's Guilty Pleasures: Travel Edition!

This year for my birthday my husband and I took a trip to Jamaica! This was no ordinary vacay. This was a honeymoon, anniversary, birthday celebration all tied in one. We have been so busy working, and “lifing” that we had not taken a moment to travel away together since May of 2017 (in which I conceived an heir LOL). Jamaica was breathtakingly beautiful and our stay at the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort was sensational. Being that this was my birthday month, I definitely indulged and splurged a little more than usual. But hey if you can’t have your way on your birthday, when can you?

Swimwear to Envy!

Look, I’m just as guilty as anyone else, scrolling down my timeline and pausing to drool at glorious vacay picks of tiny bikinis that glisten just right on the sandy beaches of paradise! I had to get in on it! So, I virtually hopped over to House of CB. My hair stylist and friend, Diandra introduced me to the UK company a couple of years ago after confessing how obsessed I was with her outfits. They currently have a sale; 5 swimsuits for $150 and it’s totally worth it! I basically saved 50-75% being that one swimsuit ranges from $60-$106! My coverups were from FASHIONOVVA. They have a sale pretty much every day and I was able to grab 3 for under $50.

Outfits to Slay!

I also snagged my birthday skirt from House of CB as well! $135 of GAWGEOUS embellished crystal fringe! Just make sure to double check those measurements before ordering as they do not provide free returns. I learned the hard way and had to return 3 dresses! Ordered a medium and could barely breathe at the bottom. Ordered a large and could have stuffed the top with cantaloupe (seriously).

The online boutique, Eleven Thirty saved the day as I was able to order with a fast turnaround. The communication from their team was magnificent. A dress ran out of stock as soon as I purchased it and they quickly notified me via email. I was able to strut around on my birthday in a black 2 piece with a skintight cover up that gave just enough room for comfort. Tip: If you see something on the Eleven Thirty site that you like, buy it immediately. They sell out pretty quickly, which is why I didn't link my birthday fit... It's already sold out!

Travel Minis for Days!

If you don’t learn a thing else from me, take heed at the next sentence.

DON’T GO TO TARGET WITHOUT DISCIPLINE! You will not win lol. I was going in for a few travel accessories and ended up taking everything under 3 ounces in my sight. Although we traveled to a resort area and I was sure they would have those amenities, there is nothing like having your own body wash, lotion, face wash etc. European Wax Center also offers travel size options for their products as well with a cute travel bag for $25! Of course, I had to bring a little makeup along to help that vacation glow LOL and Sephora definitely came through with the travel size setting spray, setting powder, and makeup wipes!

Spirited Accessories!

Now what’s a vacay without the right accessories? A relaxing tip, I know I know. But because it was a celebration of life and love I decided to be as “relaxed extra” as possible lol- (and yes, I stated that in the correct order). From Eleven Thirty, I also ordered a bedazzled mask covering that went perfect with my crystal fringe skirt! As far as jewelry was concerned I kept it simple but couldn’t resist ordering earrings and a bracelet from Migon Faget! Bees are my spirit animal and follow me around (usually when I need to up my game) so I was thrilled to see the bee stud earrings and honeybee wired bracelet. When it came to shoes, I was looking for cute comfort and versatility since we opted to bring carry on luggage only. Steve Madden’s Myla Rhinestone sandals were great for day and nighttime glam and the price…$75

Believe it or not, Frugal is my middle name, my parents just forgot to add it to my birth certificate application. Darryl reminds me from time to time that my frugality can sometimes turn into complaints after “I get what I paid for.” Even though this month wasn’t necessarily budget friendly, I was pleased with the results. And hey it’s called guilty pleasures for a reason, so go ahead and enjoy! Let me know how it goes.

Love ya,


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