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Self Care Practices that Give Me Life

Listen, I'm going to tell you what they don't say at the engagement party, baby shower, etc....

It gets hard sometimes. What I've learned on my journey thus far is that a raggedy Alex isn't helpful to anyone. And when I say raggedy I'm not talking just about appearance (though that is a huge factor as well). My spirit and energy sets the atmosphere for my household. When I'm off so is my husband and child. So these are my self care practices and guess what... Many of them don't cost a dime but all of them are worth it!

Meaningful Mornings

I know it can be difficult especially if you have a kid that creates their own bed time, assignments that are do for school and/or work projects, to get up before 7 am if it's not an absolute must. I choose to because that's when the house is quiet. Its just me and God. This is the time when I can be intentional about focusing on my spirit, energy and mind. I journal, pray and sometimes just sit still.

Try these steps if you're not sure how or where to start.

  • Set your alarm the night before

  • Resist the urge to hit the snooze

  • Wash your face (that always helps me fight the urge to lay back down)

  • Stretch or practice intentional breathing excercises

  • Grab a journal or a devotional ( I'm currently reading the Anchored in Faith Devotional by Carla Whitehead.)

  • Make a cup of coffee or tea

  • Write a list of things you want to accomplish for the day

  • Sit with your thoughts (It might seem scary at first but it gives you an opportunity to listen, to your body and mind.)

You don't have to do these things EVERY single morning, however I have found that the mornings I do them equal more productive and energized days.


It's something about my nails and toes having a little color or "pizazz" that changes my whole aura! Darryl (my husband if you're new) would tease me when we argued that I was either hungry or my nails weren't done. I hate to admit this but it's true. Manis and pedis are a huge part of my self care routine! Maybe you're like me and waiting on -10 deaths from the virus to be reported (-10 people either came back to life or they made a mistake with the numbers) before venturing out into the salons. Even if you're willing and able to go to the nail salon it's still nice to have a home foot spa just to soak your feet after a long day.

I have the Conair foot spa (comes in several colors). My mom uses the Homedics Bubble Mate Foot Spa currently under $20!

Tip: Add scented flower bath soap, bath salts and bath bombs to really feel like you're at the spa!

Mini Bar Stash

Now, in no way am I promoting the overuse of alcoholic beverages in this post. Most days ONE glass of wine will do. I have found that crayola paint on an all white pair of yeezys looks less bad after a couple of sips of something fermented. A glass a day keeps the grouchiness away!

Here is a list of a few faves and to see my Pinterest board of cocktails click HERE!

(And yes I like sweet/dessert wine don't judge me)

Saracco Moscato D'asti

Briccotondo Moscato

Cupcake Prosecco (pictured above)

Roscato Rosso Dolce

Remember Jesus turned the water into wine for a reason lol

(it diffused the chaos)

Self care is neccesary! Remember to give yourself grace on the hard days and as Auntie Maxine says;"RECLAIM YOUR TIME."

Let me know what other things you do for your own self care.

Love ya,


Just a quick FYI/Disclaimer: Some links (other than the Pinterest link) are associated with my amazon affiliates account if you click/ and or decide to purchase something Amazon may send some coins my way that will aid in the continuing of my self care. But most importantly if you want to support a black business/author, Carla Whitehead is a phenomenal writer and her devotional inspires and uplifts me daily!

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