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October Guilty Pleasures

There is something you should know about me. Everything about fall just makes me feel all warm and yummy inside. From the sweater weather to turning on my fake fireplace and consuming as much pumpkin flavored things as possible. This month’s guilty pleasures include a little bit of sweetness and just the right amount of spice. As always, feel free to click on any of the titles to visit the sites!

Olive Garden’s Zepolli

Don’t laugh, I know what you’re thinking. Really Alex, Doughnuts? But you don’t understand. The relationship I have with dough in general is ridiculous. I’m obsessed with Cafe Du Monde's beignets but being that I’m thousands of miles away from my southern comfort food, these Italian doughnuts are a delicious substitute. If you’re following my IG stories you’ve seen that I’ve been breathing, sweating and busting it down as a Bikram Yoga Works ambassador. If you’re looking at my post and thinking; "Wow she doesn’t look much smaller?" I assure you It’s not the exercise regiment, it’s the doughnuts. LOL

FYI: the Raspberry dipping sauce is my preferred choice over the chocolate.

Oh and If you’d like to take a week of free classes with Drip't Studios, be my guest!

Click HERE and use the code BREATHEWITHALEX at checkout.

Bawse Lady Matte Lip

I love a good red lip but this one has taken the place of my beloved Ruby Woo by MAC. I am obsessed with the Lip Bar’s Bawse Lady matte lipstick and I’m not the only one. Our forever first lady, Michelle Obama has also endorsed the color! Not only is it the perfect autumn hue but it also is mask proof. Don't get it twisted, I still had smudge on my mask but my lips were still in tack! Use my code GOODMOMBADWIFE for 10%!

Vote Apparel from FCBC and Phenomenal

We are quickly approaching November 3rd and the second most important thing other than voting, is to look cute while you do it LOL! I jumped on the early voting bandwagon and have been styling and profiling in my FCBC “Vote” shirt and my Phenomenal voter sweatshirt. Click on the links to try to order yours in time to strut to the polls!

FCBC is offering free shipping for orders $40 and more. Use "Vote 2020" code at checkout.

Well, we've covered food, beauty and fashion so I would say this month was a win LOL! Whether you wear your red matte lips and voting apparel or not, I hope you make sure your voice is heard by November 3rd, then treat yourself to something warm and sweet! Let me know how it goes.

Love ya,


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