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My Winter-Proof Skin Care Routine!

So, this combination skin that I’ve been blessed with is so radiant in the summer and boy oh boy does it do a 180 on me in the wintertime. I’m the crazy woman that moved to New York with excitement for the cold weather- sad to say, my skin disagreed with me and still does. With that being said I have to switch up my skin care products for these harsh winter months (which are many on the east coast) in order to keep my skin from falling off my face.. literally cracking and falling off my face LOL.

My love for Mary Kay products is no secret. I have used them since my velocity-preteen days and I have managed to move through puberty and beyond without an acne crisis. (Praise God) Mary Kay also had my back when my eczama and contact dermatitis crashed the party circa 2020 and my face was able to stay clear during the flare ups. For my winter blues I’ve been using two extra products to moisturize my face; the Oil-free Hydrating Gel and the TimeWise Replenishing Serum C+E™

The routine goes like so:

1) I dampen my face with warm water and gently massage the Botanical Effects Cleansing gel on my skin until it comes to a light lather.

2) I rinse my face and pat it dry with a soft face towel.

3) I take a few pumps of the TimeWise Replenishing Serum C+E™ for my forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Sometimes I’m exhausted so I just quickly rub it (however, massage sounds better so for the sake of this post... I abruptly massage it into my face.)

4) I take a small amount of the Oil-free Hydrating Gel (a little goes a long way) and repeat the abrupt or gentle (depending on the day) massage into my face.

This routine has saved me from many disputes with my skin this winter. For an added touch, I use my rose quartz facial roller to enhance the glow and then I’m on my way. Even before I go to bed at night, you can’t tell me ANYTHING and not just because I have my AirPods in, but because my skin is so darn glowy! It just goes to show how a couple of changes in your product and routine can make all the difference. The Botanical Effects moisturizer (noted in: 5 Minute Skin Care Routine for a Busy Wife and Mom) isn’t enough for my skin in this harsh weather but I didn’t need to throw away the whole kit, I just had to make a few adjustments! Wow, even writing that last sentence made me think of how that applies not just with skin care but in other areas of our lives. In this time of instant gratification, how quickly do we toss away or give up on something that’s not yielding the quick result(s) we’re expecting? When all the while just a small shift could make all the difference.

All the products are linked to my favorite Mary Kay Beauty Consultant- Edna Parker (who just happened to birth me LOL). Message her Instagram @ednaparker7491 and mention you read this post for 10% off your order! Let me know how it goes!

Love ya,


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