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My Top 3 Instagram Editing Apps

It goes down in the DM! Not from messages of people asking for my number or shooting their shot (I'm MARRIED is written all over my IG hint: thegoodmombadWIFE). Instead, my DMs are filled with questions of what apps I use for my IG stories, blog ads, post etc. So here is the list of my Top 3! And FYI after I post this I'm charging $5 via cash app for future inquires (LOL) but seriously..$alexmarye


My mentor Dalijah, introduced me to Mojo and it has brought me an immense amount of joy and traffic. The famous "to do list" that I post each morning come from this app. I was trying to find my groove a few weeks ago and opted not to post my list a couple of days. Both days my DM's were filled with messages like:"What happened to the list?" "The lists help me remember what day it is!" Also if you're not tech savvy or digitally creative the templates are so easy to use. Mojo is free but if you want "to do list" then it's best that you upgrade to Pro you can pay a yearly subscription fee of $40 after the 7-day free trial.


Canva is another user friendly app that allows you to create posts and graphics for social media. I have recently fallen in love with the app while creating ads for my blog post. Mojo forms videos to post as stories but Canva is amazing if you want to create a still image that still gets the attention of your followers. Canva is free but if you want super fancy templates and the ability to use free photos you can upgrade to pro for $120 annually or monthly payments of $13.

Adobe Spark Post

Now listen, when a toddler is not screaming "Mommi, Mommi" and Darryl is entertained by NBA2k I can create and play on Adobe Spark. This app also has templates but in my opinion, it requires more effort to create post than the others. Price wise, if you're a student it may come with your university's software package (thank you NYU). If you don't have a school code to use, they are currently providing a 2-month free trial right now. Post trial the subscription cost is around $10 a month.

I hope this helps and because you took the time to read this, please email me if you have any questions free of charge LOL!



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