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My July Guilty Pleasures!

If you know me... then you know that I have a hint of frugality mixed with a little bit of bougie LOL. Listen, If nothing else, this girl can "ball on a budget!" And If you didn't know just check out my blog post on how I budgeted the wedding! Every now and then I like to treat myself to some guiltily pleasures (aka wants instead of needs). Here are list of this month's!

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Also, some of the links are associated with my amazon affiliates account and if you choose to purchase the items, I may collect a few coins that will go towards my guilty pleasures for thank you!

Volcano Blue Candles by Capri Blu

I fell in love with this scent in 2016 when a fellow bridesmaid turned friend, Kelli Walker insisted that I try the candles out! Y'all these candles will help turn a house into a home... and of course some love and yadi yadi ya.. The 8.5 oz is a perfect size to try for starts. It's strong but mighty and has 40hrs of burn time. Plus, the jars also can be reusable for succulents or whatever your creative heart desires! Certainly worth the $15... but you can't put a price on a fragrant home LOL.

Glass Coffee Mugs

Listen, I can't lie.... I am highly entertained by the Kardashians and make sure that always "keep up" with them! (see what I did there). Kourtney and Kendall both raved over glass mugs and though these are little different they are pretty close and didn't break my budget! They are double insulated and keep my coffee hot just incase my morning routine is interrupted by a small, mighty little human (Oakley of course).

Black Girl Magic Wine

When I saw my cousin Nickie's photo of 3 wine bottles with a label that read

"Black Girl Magic," I had to have them! The McBride Sister's Collection: Black Girl Magic Bundle includes 3 delicious selections of Riesling, Rosé, and a Red Blend! A single bottle ranges between $20 and $25 but of course you'll save a few dollars and drink a lil' more with the bundle. It's a Win Win!

Tipsy Scoop

When I first realized that two of my faves had been combined in a pint size container I thought... WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF IT FIRST??!!! I saw my friend Ricken's IG story with the flavor Vanilla Bean Bourbon and immediately began searching for a way to have the tipsy treat! Tipsy scoop has retail options all over the country. They ship and also offer local deliveries depending on your location. Oh oh... and enter your email for 5% off!

You're welcome.

I know during these uncertain times, budgets consist of more needs than wants. But don't forget to treat yourself whether its's new mugs or wining down with a liquored up ice cream! You deserve it, so don't feel too guilty! Let me know how it goes.

Love ya,


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