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Leap of Faith

July is a special month for me! Six years ago I decided to take a leap of faith and prepare to move to the city of my dreams. I applied for a couple of jobs, prayed a lot and on August 13, 2014 with $323.17 (what in the world) in my account I moved to New York City. I didn't have a clue where I would stay after the first two weeks but I knew God was with me and still is today. Six years later I live in New York with my husband, little girl and now my mom is here as well. All from a little faith. This post is to encourage you if there is something that you've been desiring to do that you know you'll always wonder about... do it and do it now. If nothing else this pandemic has taught me to cherish not just my loved ones but the desires of my heart as well.

When I decided to jump out on faith these are some things that helped me a long the way. (Along with some blurry 2014 IG pics lol)

Share Boldly with Like-minded Individuals

It was no surprise to those who really knew me that I wanted to move to New York. I had been speaking it into the atmosphere for years. I was always the theatre kid and the dance girl so it just made sense to my friends and family (at least most of them). When I really decided like really really it was important that I told people who would not only support my decision verbally but spiritually as well. "The prayers of the righteous avialeth much," is a scripture that was used often in my household growing up and its true! It's easy to talk about faith when everyone is in your corner but we can all agree that the negative Nancies and pessimistic Peters in our lives can chew up our mustard seeds before they're even planted. The people that you choose to share your plans with don't have to see the vision they just have to believe in your abilities and the abilities of the one who created you (God...not your parents).

Let go of Him, Her, or They

Whoever it is and whatever pronouns they use...if they are holding you back in ANY aspect of life, let them go. One of the guys I dated before I moved use to say "Let that hurt go bae." He doesn't know it, but he was a huge part in my decision to move with such urgency. One night after an accident happened with his truck, I tried to get in touch with him just to make sure he was ok.. He didn't answer but he continued to post on IG LOL. Now it's funny but that night it wasn't. I realized that in his eyes I wasn't even worth a text response. It also helped me realize that I deserved more than a life waiting on someone to text me back. I wrote in my journal that July night for God to move me from my cycle of "f-boys" and wasting my days wandering around from job 1 to job 2 with no purpose. I started applying for jobs in New York around

2:00 am that night and 2 weeks later I left for interviews.

Write the Vision

I started journaling consistently in 2013, and y'all I call it God's magic. There is something about writing down intentions, thoughts, wants, and even gratitude. Everything I wrote in that Journal came to past. The scary-amazing part is that when I look back on some readings, they've just happened. I've heard people say God is answering the prayers of our ancestor and I believe it because he's answered mine from years ago! So if you're single and reading this be very very specific! (Darryl is the spitting image of my "I need a good man prayer") Remember the verse: You have not because you ask not James 4:3. So ask him... even if you've never asked before. I'll even help you start.. Lord, please (fill in the blank)..

Make a Permanent Commitment

I'm not saying that you are bound to the place or idea forever. I mean that if you're serious about moving, by a flight. If you want to start a business, get the logo, pay for the LLC. If you want to go back to school start writing your essay and begin the application. The God magic journal is only part of the battle, actions really do speak louder than words. After I journaled I immediately looked for job openings. Once the interviews were booked I bought a flight to New York. If I would've just wrote in my journal and failed to take action I might still be in Hattiesburg, MS waiting for a text message and for my life to begin.

Now you can say you know one of the crazy people who have moved to New York with little to no money. There are actually quite a few of us here if that makes you feel better. You don't have to move across the country but whatever it is that's eating away at you... that causes a lump in your throat when you think about it... go after it with all your heart.

Love ya,


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