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January Guilty Pleasures!

I know, I know... I usually do my favorites at the end of the month, but because I'm so excited about this list, I wanted to share it with y’all ASAP! It’s 2021 and we’re still inside for the most part, but by now we’re professional “stay-at-homers” So let’s at least make the most of it!

Just Loungin

Move over SKIMS! If you’ve been rocking with me for a few months, you know that my love for the comfy brand created by Kim K. West (to be determined) is real! For Christmas my bestie, Janae’a gifted me with the most comfortable outfit from Just Loungin, a new black owned loungewear business by Lakeisha White! The minute I opened the package and felt the soft material, I knew It would be my new go-to fit for basically everything. I’m actually wearing it as I write this post. The site is full of cute and cozy sets under $50!

Actors Connection

Last month I made a vow to myself to live authentically, regardless of the opinion of others. Being cast as a lead or supporting role in a film and TV series has always been a dream of mind. I enrolled myself in a TV and Film Audition Class with the phenomonal Lorrie Odom. The class has been such a blessing to me! Shout out to my Life Coach Aurelia Michael who I mentioned in “Women Influencers That Keep Me on My Toes.” She put me onto Actors Connection and I must say that the resources are phenomonal. I’ve also attended a couple of free seminars that allow you to hear from guest speakers such as casting directors, industry reps and much more for free! Plus, the network opportunities are amazing! If you’ve ever thought about getting into the biz, stop daydreaming and join Actor’s Connection!

Moon Pod

I decided in Novemeber that I wanted to renovate the area in the basememnt that I stole as my “office” so that it could officially become MY office. We’ve thrown away a ton of junk and donated some vaulaubles that it was time to part with. Now we’re bringing in the new stuff! I envisioned a cozy corner but couldn’t seem to find the right floor pillows or chair to accomplish the aesthetic that I was envisioning! I scrolled upon the moon pod on Instagram and the rest is history! Please believe me when I say it is no ordinary bean bag! You just sink right in and I have dozed off each time I sat on it. It’s a pretty penny but It is most certainly worth it! I splurged and got the crescent as well, which takes it to the next level! Click Here for $25 off!

So we’re pretty much set for the rest of January with something cozy to wear, proactively reaching for goals and taking a moment to relax and let it all just sink in! Also if your resolutions aren’t working as plan or you’re struggling with focus even in this new month and year, GIVE YOURSELF GRACE. We’re only 16 days in and you have made it past every single horrible day of your life! If you grab any of these things, please let me know how it goes!

Love ya,


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