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How It Started vs How It's Going With BYW/Drip't Studios

In August I had the pleasure of becoming an ambassador for Bikram Yoga Works/Drip't Studios and I fell in LOVE y'all. I wrote about my beginning experiences in the post, An Hour to Breathe. Well I'm still going hard with the "I Come to Breathe" program 3 months later, and wanted to give you all the details on my favorite virtual classes!

Yin Yoga

I can't talk, write, sing, or hum about this practice enough LOL! If you are a newbie to the world of yoga, Yin is certainly the place for you. There are so many modifications and ways for you to fully relax into your body. My mom even took a class with me and though she looks 40, she is well into her 60s! Kamaria Joyner is the instructor that I practice with. Her spirit and voice is so uplifting and the background music is just icing on the cake. We start each class breathing with the choice of setting intentions. I leave the class feeling so light and in touch with my body and soul. Every Wednesday and Friday, I have a never-ending date with Yin Yoga. For that hour, the toddler screaming the wrong words to "Let it go" and asking for $100 (for who knows what) is just white noise.


Guess what we do in this class? We work on our FLEXIBILITY, especially the fascia/hipflexors. The instructor of this class in none other than the Chief Visionary Officer of Drip't Studios, Dr. Kendra Blacket-Dibinga! She's the boss so you know the class is EVERYTHING and more! I've taken flex't since August and with each new class, I see an improvement in my flexibility. I teased her and told her that this class helps in more ways than one! Even though we're stretching, I still break a sweat from all of the core and upper body exercises. Also, an increased opening in the hips never hurt a marraige LOL. I take Flex't on Sundays at 1pm EST but there is a Wednesday class at noon as well!

HeartHIIT & COREdination

I put these both together because they are INTENSE and sooooo worth it!. I leave both classes dripping and drenched and sweat but feeling like I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to. That mindset comes from the ball of fire that is our instructor Celine Berthaud! I met Celine a couple of years ago and went to ONE of her pilates classes. Y'all I almost died LOL but I made it through because she pushed and encouraged me the entire time. She keeps the same energy with these classes! Even though we're virtual, if I think for a second she's not looking, before I can drop my plank good I hear; "Come On, COME BACK TO ME ALEX!" and I jump right back in! It's actually kind of amazing, she'll instruct then demonstrate an exercise and in my head I'm thinking "OH HELL NO!" Then I stop overthinking and just do it! No one is more happier with our progress than she is we're like her fitness kids! She picks us up when those last 10 seconds are burning our thighs and derrière's off and rewards us with counting faster when we start sinking in our planks. The playlist is always on point and when that music starts to slow down I have the biggest smile on my face, knowing that I survived another class!


I recently started Barre with Celine last month and please believe me. IT IS NOT A GAME. As a dancer I have had my fair share of experience with a barre but this class made me use muscles that I didn't know I had. Celine teaches this class every Tuesday at 4pm and by 4:05pm I'm already sweating. I figured the class would just consist of a few grande pliès (large bendof the knees) a few battements (kicks) but it is so much more. Barre works my legs, core, arms, buns and probably my face to from all of the weird expressions I make while trying to "hold and lift, hold and lift, hold and lift." Regardless of the burn my goal is to really tone up and find that hidden Beyoncé body inside of me, so I'm a fan.

Aside from Yin Yoga, I end every class drenched or at least heavily glistening. Nothing beats knowing that I made time for myself physically and emotionally. Whatever frustrations I have, I can take out while I slam my towel on the floor repeatedly during HeartHIIT. In Yin Yoga I can concentrate on breathing to actually feel alive, not just stay alive. These classes are more than just turning on zoom, and following someone's lead, it's me choosing myself and creating the life that I want even through a pandemic. I invite you try a week for free. Just use the code BREATHEWITHALEX, no cards necessary. CLICK HERE and let me know it goes.

Love ya,


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