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How I Plan to Make February the Hottest Month Ever!

Photo By: Jason Moody Photography

I didn’t want to wait too long to share this with you so you could join in on the fun! You know I pride myself in being a bad wife and as I’ve said before "bad" can be taken in many different context. When my cousin/sister, Camille shared this with me, I immediately knew I couldn’t keep this to myself! What better way to spend the supposedly most romantic month of the year than showering your significant other with something sweet, nice and a WHOLE lot of spice LOL.

WARNING: Mommi and MIL find another post!

I present to you... The February Husband-Care Calendar

(Or whatever your situation is....just pay attention to the dates!)

Each day has a specific instruction of how to care for your significant other and some days get pretty steamy! I’ve already decided to opt out of the 28th (Oakley’s birthday) due to the irony of it all since “in the sheets” is how this whole situation came about.

Don’t feel too pressured to do every single thing! The truth is, we do most of these activities without thinking about it. However, with balancing life, work, kids etc, sometimes putting forth that extra effort falls on the back burner. I missed the day one, but yesterday came right on time as the hubby had a long, hard day of work. I shared some of the things I admired most about him and it changed his whole perspective of the day. I realized that I think of the admiration I have for him often but fail to verbally express it as much as I should.I feel like this calendar is just a jump-start of how I can be a more expressive and intentional partner all year long.

Look, I’m planning on having a good ole time this month with these activities and I hope you do the same with your significant other. Maybe share it with your partner so they’ll have something fun to look forward to or keep it to yourself and just surprise them each day! Either way, have fun, be safe (whatever that means for you), and let me know how it goes!

Love ya,


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