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How I'm losing my Quarantine 15!

Y'all I could have screamed getting on the scale. I couldn't believe the number but then again.. I could. I have been eating more, moving less and my clothes of choice seem to have just the right amount of stretch. Well the world (New York) is re-opening and I realized that it may be time to come out of my hermit shell-ways and reintroduce myself to society.(But I was hoping I could reintroduce myslelf in the same size clothes that I left in lol.. Not only is it about fitting my clothes, my weight effects my energy, mood and stamina. It's hard to dance for an hour when your'e out of breath after 10 minutes. So here I am embarking on my weight loss journey!

Weekly Workout Classes

As I scroll down my IG time line (donut in hand) I am quickly reminded that there are so many opportunities to work out at home while the gyms are closed. I've been taking my friend Carlos Sheild's classes who just happens to be a personal trainer (I told y'all it's good to have friends in high places). He offers zoom HIIT classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays,

Walks in the Park

I used to hear people say "I like walks in the park" (How cliché). Well, now I'm a fan. Goose (Darryl) and I recently set out to walk in the park and end up walking 4 miles and finding a part of our neighborhood I had no clue existed! (FYI: It's also a great place to "not argue!" You can both get your point across and who can scream if you're out of breath from an incline?)

Water Up

Listen, I have a bad habit of drinking just enough to not pass out from dehydration (I know that's terrible). During the day to day hustle and bustle I forget to actually pour myself one 8oz glass of water yet alone 8! My new goal is to drink a half a gallon water each day with the help of my Hydromate water bottle. There are times listed on the bottle so throughout the day I can manage and keep track of my progress.

Wave goodbye to the Cookies

Not permanently! But it is important to do everything in moderation, and y'all Ms. Betty Crocker over here (ME) was baking cookies twice a week and sneaking and eating the dough when Oakley wasn't looking. So I froze the remaining dough (Cookie Dough can be frozen up to two months!). It's a lot harder to be tempted when it takes a few hours to thaw!

I'm an ex pageant girl so I'm no stranger to crash dieting.However, I've learned through my own mistakes that it's better to make adjustments to your lifestyle if you want to see lasting results! This is a process which is why the title says "losing" and I'm excited to share this journey with you just think of it as being my accountability partner. So thanks in advance!

Love ya,


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