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Entertaining My Toddler while Sheltering at Home

Oakley is literally two much! Her personality is full of sass, humor and her energy level is out of this world just as many other children her age. Being at home has given me the much needed time with her that I was missing before as a graduate student with a full-time job. I also quickly learned that playing with toys and watching Harry the Bunny wasn't going to cut it according to

her standards. So here is what we've been doing to keep things fun and interesting for a 2 year old or 28 month old as some would say LOL.

Paint Works of Art

Really Alex, works of Art? YES REALLY, my baby has a gift LOL. But seriously, we may spend anywhere from 1- 2 hours painting! Let that sit with you. Holding 2 HOURS of a toddler's attention in a productive manner should win a Nobel Peace Prize! Ok maybe not a Nobel, but it may grant you 2 hours free of tears, tantrums, and lost/ found items in your house! And even though I swore I would NEVER be that parent, I'm currently looking for frames to hang up her pieces. The fridge won't do them justice.

Her easel (thanks Nanni) was around $50 has a washable paint set

under $10. I also bought her brushes and a cute little smock as well under $20.

Polish Nails and Toes

Who doesn't like to be pampered even if you're in pampers (see what I did there)? Look, it's never to early to learn about self care! I purchased a set of Minnie Mouse Nail Polishes for her birthday and it has really come in handy these past couple of months. The polish is kid friendly and free of toxins and chemicals so if you have a thumb sucker like I do, no worries about your little one biting the polish off.


Oakley comes from a long lineage of sweet tooth stricken individuals. Listen, you can't talk back your elders if your mouth is full of brownies. We love to bake! Not only is it a win win for spending time together and making a sweet treat but it also teaches patience, team work and toddler culinary skills. Just a tip: Go ahead and let them stir! The messy pics will be worth the clean up!

Whatever you decide to do with your toddler, enjoy every moment (the draining ones too). Because It's only a matter of time before she's rolling her eyes, requesting cash for a full set of acrylics and ordering uber eats.

Have fun!


Disclosure: The products listed in this post worked miracles for this busybody toddler of mine so I've attached my affiliate links. I may get paid if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of these links! Enjoy your peace of mind, semi-gorgeous nails, and yummy treats!

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