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Delays are not Denies... A letter to my 18 year old self..


I know what's behind that're devastated. You're confused. You have no idea what to do next. Young, imaginative girl, you placed ALL your eggs in one basket and didn't even see that the basket had not yet been fully woven together. There were holes in that basket not ready for your precious cargo.. your gifts, and your naive mind and tender heart was not ready for the fast pace of no concern for you and your well being. You need more time, and you will be grateful for it (most days). New York University will know you, just not right now.

You'll live with the view of the subway that you long to ride in, you'll be a part of the hustle and bustle against the concrete. You'll meet a special person and then you'll meet someone even more special and then the most special one that God can set out for you, you'll keep. You will work on Broadway (the street), like the street of your address will be Broadway (so make sure your prayers are SUPER SPECIFIC) but that will fuel your fire to do what you came to do in the city that you've wanted to live in since 6th grade! You'll make the most wonderful friends that feel like family but you'll still have the ones now and meet a few more at USM that are going to last a lifetime (well hopefully speaking since I'm just 28). You'll be a singing server, a dancer, a choreographer, an admin, an ambassador, a blogger, a wife a mother. You'll strive to be the best daughter and you'll succeed.

NYU will know you, except when they know you, it will feel right. You won't jump over hurdles, they will accept you for you. They'll embrace you for everything you are and everything you will become. You'll put in the work and when it happens you will understand why 2009 was too soon. You would've missed things. You think you're missing out on a city that never sleeps?...They will still be awake when you get there. Right now, right this minute, you're super blessed. You're still worthy, you're still good enough. You can still do ALL things through HIM who strengthens you. You're close to home just an hour way. You'll stay up late with your besties you'll meet the most special people with the same birthdays. You'll love and you'll lose some too. You'll get to spend as much time as you want with your Granny, (take full advantage of that). And when it's time, you'll leave Missisippi at the drop of a hat and embark on the best adventure of your life.

So come out of that curled up ball, wipe your tears and APPLY FOR MORE SCHOLARSHIPS! Love those around you. Don't stop dancing. Please never stop praying. This delay is not a deny. Can't wait to see you receive your master's degree from New York University.



This is dedicated to the professional smilers, that have learned to hide the chips on their shoulders.. Your time is coming love. Let me know how it goes.

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