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CORONA VIRUS! Staying Calm in the Epicenter of a Pandemic

On March 12th, 2020 I received a text message from my friend Sloan saying to get my ish together and make sure I stock up on food, TP, essential items, etc. I took her word. I told y'all before that my favorite thing to do is learn from the mistakes of others and not my own. I went to BJ's Wholesale Club and I came to the conclusion that a lot of people had Sloan's in their lives lol. I gathered as much as I could and said a thankful prayer to God that my hubby had already bought a ton of Clorox wipes and lysol 4 weeks prior.

That was the last normal day that I witnessed in Bronx, NY

This is now day 103 of "quarantine" and in these 103 days I've found that...

  • OCD is real.

  • I can be extremely cautious (but for good reasons).

  • Stress causes RASHES not just the runs.

  • People don't listen.. like for real even if their life depends on it.

  • Grad School +Toddler+ Essential Working Husband + Mother over 60 causes ulcers in a pandemic!

  • I can do more than I give myself credit for.

  • I will fight for and get REAL DIRECT when it comes to protecting my family

I could get into the people who thought I was overreacting while they still had gatherings etc... (Another time) For now, let me take you through what kept me calm in all the madness!


Corona Calmness Self Care Routine:

Coffee on the Porch:

I started waking up around 7:00 am every morning. During my morning time I journal, pray, prepare Darryl's stuff for when he comes home and I have COFFEE! I took porches and yards for granted in the south but I'm lucky to have a little piece of home in the design of our house here in New York. First week of May I cleaned up and revamped my porch. It has been a sacred place ever since. Besides the nice alone time I get by waking up before everyone else, I found that the earlier I rise, the more things I check off my list, and the more family/boo time I get to spend in the evenings.


Thank God I'm in charge of the water bill LOL. I use every penny of New York City's finest tap.

Showers, and honestly water in general calms me. I have no shame in my game. Best believe when my anxiety gets the best of me I escape right to the bathroom and let that water flow. Baths are nice too, but lets get into the dry- shriveled up skin that results in a nice warm bath.

Skin Care:

During the last couple months of my pregnancy with Oakley, I began to get these awful rashes. After having her, my scalp would flake up like a Pillsbury grand biscuit. The rashes stopped after I gave birth so I though nothing of it and just contributed it to other hormonal changes. I noticed the rashes again after I returned from Africa, (that was a scare). Turns out that eczema flares have trigger factors such as; irritants (cleaning supplies), dry skin (showering 2xs a day or more) and emotional stress (say less sis). Below are the products that kept my brown skin juicy.

Face: Mary Kay Botanical Garden Set

Body: Mary Kay 2 in 1 Body Wash

Cortizone 10 Eczema Cream


In that ORDER!

My Mary Kay beauty consultant is amazing! Her name is Edna Parker (lol) and this is her website you can get a little discount of 25% from now until June 20th. (You're welcome lol)


It was important for me and my family that not only we stay inside as much as possible but that we also maintained cleanliness (in the word's of my Aunt Drehr "Cleanliness is next to Godliness”). Believe it or not cleaning actually calms me! It was so refreshing to know that I had some control during such an unnerving time. So every night I clean the house like guest are coming over! (But it's just us)


Whether it's taking a class, freestyling by my lonesome or having a dance party with Oakley, dance has allowed me to breathe a little more easy during this crazy time. Listen, put on that playlist no matter if it's Kenny G, Bone Crusher or Yoncé and LET THE FLOOR HAVE IT!

Listen, we all deal with stress in different ways. Don't let anyone tell you that your feelings are invalid. Acknowledge your anxiety, your worries fears and find ways to overcome them.

But Overcome Them.

Love you,


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