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Cleaning and Organizing for my Sanity

Does clutter make you go crazy? It surely does for me. If I find myself in a rut where I’m just not feeling creative, or motivated to do ANYTHING, it is most likely because my surroundings are in disarray. My house MUST be clean and organized to fully unleash my potential! This may sound weird or OCDish but keeping the house clean and tidy keeps me sane. These are a few items that have aided in my sanity in terms of organizing and cleaning.

Amazon Dresser Dividers

This is the biggest issue in my bedroom. Overfilled drawers spilled over with socks, undergarments, shirts and pants that ultimately causes my head to spin and increases my resentment of folding laundry. I am so thankful that I found separators on for under $16. They really make all the difference and I can open my t-shirt and lingerie drawers without any anxiety. I still despise folding clothes and putting them away but knowing that everything will fit helps ease the situation a bit.

Harmony Kid's Toy Box

Oakley is spoiled to say the least (especially by her grands). By the time 2 pm rolls around you can be sure that my living room looks like a pre-school classroom at play time! There is no such thing as 1 toy out at a time, ALL the toys must equally have a chance to be utilized according to my child. The toy box, found at home depot, is the perfect place for all of the dollies, stuffed with fluff friends, and toddler trinkets that any toddler would be thrilled to posses. I choose the white finish but the options listed online are all aesthetically pleasing and keeps my living room looking somewhat adultish LOL.

Swiffer and O-Cedar Mop

Let’s be real. The Swiffer commercial is cute but in real life it’s great for spills, and “tidy ups.” I remember swiffering until sweat was dripping off my forehead only to find that my feet were dusty 2 hours later! I decided to purchase what I like to call the "OG" mop LOL. O-Cedar has the most convenient bucket with a pedal that rings out the mop as you push down! PRO STATUS haha. I instantly noticed the new shine on my wood floors. I like to use Lysol and Mr. Clean disinfectant solutions and despite the extra steps of putting water and solution in the bucket, the process doesn't take much time. No wet floor signs needed- I just try my best to knock it out early in the morning before the crew wakes up or after they’ve gone to bed.

These things may sound like no brainers but pre quarantine, I didn’t have the organizers or the OG mop. Spending a good amount of time at home has shown me that I am surprisingly blessed with a reasonable amount of space in New York, I just wasn’t utilizing it properly. The excuse of having a toddler got old and I realized that adults still live here, and the house should be treated as such. Don’t get me wrong, there are days that I don’t leap for joy as I wring out the OG mop in my Cinderella rags (jk most of the time I’m wearing SKIMS) but the result and peace of mind is certainly worth it. I’ve included the links for these life/mind savers. Let me know how it goes!

Love ya,


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