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Can't Stop Won't Stop! 4 Task Management Tools that Move Mountains

If you are around my age, 28 or a bit older, you probably read the title and immediately started

singing "Rocafella records'cause we, we get down baby, we get down" (the Chingy Remix right?). Well... this post is actually about task management– specifically how I'm balancing motherhood, marriage, blogging and grad school. For my internship course we have to write weekly reflections and while I was writing I had an epiphany. When I spend too much time thinking about ALL the things that need to be accomplished... I shut down. I become anxious overwhelmed and have difficulty focusing which lessens my ability to be productive. However, when I just keep moving, I get into this zone and I'm unstoppable (I even felt the energy just typing the sentence LOL). Here are a few tools that help me focus and unleash that unstoppable power!

Phone Alarms and Notifications

We pay a pretty penny (at least I do) for the small but oh so "smart" device that is invisibly velcroed to our palms! I have learned to utilize the mess out of my iPhone! Connecting my iCalendar to my emails has also been a huge help. Once I schedule an appointment, boom its on the calendar. Tip: If you're like me and privy to overlook your calendar make sure your notifications are on and LOUD.

Weekly Goal Setting and Daily List

As much as I love technology sometimes I just need to write things down. I was writing things on sticky notes but... they were all over the place with no direction (as was my life). So I began writing out my weekly goals and all of my daily todo list (that appear in my IG stories) come from the goal sheet.

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Good Mom Bad Wife Weekly Schedule Planne
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Asking for Help

Whoever said "It takes a village to raise a child" doesn't get the credit that they deserve! I'm so thankful for the support I have from my village. Oakley spends a good bit of of the day with her beloved Nanni LOL (my mom), while I work on curriculums for my thesis, internship, and the GMBW. Darryl is always ready and willing for a hand off and comes through right in the knick of time when I'm up against deadlines. It's been a struggle and adjustment doing everything from home because it can be difficult to separate work time from family time. Asking for help is humbling but its really the only way I can get stuff done while managing to catch at least 5 hrs of sleep. Plus I know she's in the best of hands and getting a way with a lot more stuff than she would with me (per usual).

Intentional Breaks

I know, I know, the title says can't stop won't stop, but the truth is recharge is super necessary! Ever so often the burnout blues will creep up on me and I immediately realize that I need to take a break. Listen, If you're a Hamilton fan like I am, you know that his entire fate may have changed had he chosen to take a break with his wife and sister-in-law (INSTEAD OF CHEATING WITH OLD MARIAH REYNOLDS!) Rather than risking it all like founding father Hamilton, I try to be proactive and schedule time throughout my day for a moment of fun or relaxation. I mentioned before how Oakley and I love to bake or polish nails, and how important it is to practice self care. Last Sunday we played in our Minnidip Pool all day and Monday I was ready to conquer the week!

The hustle and grind is just a part of our generation's culture. I've embraced it because I know that the work I put in now will benefit all of my future descendants (wow, that was deep). We, (me and you.. the person reading this) are capable of great things. I hope these tools will help you accomplish all of those things and then some!

Let me know how it goes!

Love ya,


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