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Brunch Breakdown

At the beginning of this year I made a post about the new year, a vision board and setting goals for myself. Well apparently this vision board is just a giant prayer request with a direct line to God, because things are manifesting with a quickness! But let's talk about life. When things just seem to be going all to well, life comes and smears your neatly painted picture.

Disclosure: This is not an ungrateful blog post. I am so grateful for all that I have been blessed with during my 27 years. This is a post to let you know that sometimes shit SUCKS! (And that it's OK to say that.)

Everyone says being an adult is hard. I disagree. Being an adult with responsibility of people other than yourself is hard. Being that kind of adult around other adults who don't have that responsibility is even harder. I love my husband and Oakley but today I wanted to go to brunch- a birthday brunch. I wanted to see my friends that now only see me via Instagram, have bottomless mimosas and breakfast like foods. I wanted to have 27 year old fun. Just as life sometimes takes a "manure" (as my Pastor calls it) on you, my child after doing everything in her possibility to disrupt church service did the same thing. The quick drop off and go that I planned in my mind turned into a bath, temper tantrum and the reality that I would be almost 2 hours late for the birthday brunch. I thought about how easier it would have been to just be a bed-side Christian today. Oakley could have played in peace and I, as well as the people sitting around us, could have been more attentive in service. I thought about in 2016, when I really didn't know what I was doing with my life, how easy it was to leave church and go to brunch with friends on the spot instead of planning weeks in advance just to cancel.

After accepting the fact that I wasn't going to brunch. I explained my frustration to my husband who responded "Sometimes being a mom means you can't go anywhere." I won't type what I replied, but his words just wouldn't leave my head. I thought about all the events that I chose to stay home for or unintentionally missed because now I'm a mom and a wife. Does becoming a parent mean that you lose so much of yourself that you can no longer have small outings, or dinners that aren't work related or family related? Should I feel guilty for even wanting to attend those things?



I'm a mom- yes, a wife -sure but I'm a woman first. If I don't take the time for self care than those two titles (mom/wife) turn into manure. Brunches, mani-pedis, a nice lace front,

make me feel like my best self which results into a great mom, wife, daughter and friend. So as my friend Danny says,"Treat Yo Self, Don't Cheat Yo Self."

Say NO to things that are not pleasant. Say YES to things that will ease your mind and uplift your spirits. As "millennial" as I can be, there are times I still turn into this traditional southern lady who has to be in a pew every Sunday. This Sunday I should've worshiped online and kept my sanity. I was finally the parent that I always rolled my eyes at and wondered "why won't they take their child out in the foyer?" So I apologize to all the mothers with Bay Bay kids before me. I am now a member of your club.

As Always

Be the FUN you wish to have (ESPECIALLY today)



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