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August Guilty Pleasures

In the midst of this hectic and full month a few things have stuck out as my new faves! From online shopping to yoga, each has put a smile on my face this month and made me feel a bit more fun and cozy. Though some things were a little more pricey than others, I was still able to stay within the permitters of my budget (or at least close LOL).

Bella's Bracelet Bar

Whether you love seeing rows of bracelets on your arm or you're obsessed with earrings like I am, Bella's Bracelet Bar will be your new online obsession (but seriously). This woman owned business makes handmade, one of a kind, unique jewelry and accessories also offering orders of customized pieces. What drew me to the jewelry, besides the charm (figuratively and literally) was the versatility that comes with ordering the sets. Depending on your mood you can stack your wrist or wear just one bracelet for a more simplistic vibe. August is packed with birthdays and Bella's Bracelet Bar helped me knock 2 of 4 off my list. Pictured below you'll see the AKA Bracelet I ordered for my mom's birthday and the confetti earrings (my personal faves!) I feel like it's a celebration every time I put them in my ear. I also have square ones arriving in the mail any day now, just in time for my bday!

Use the code GMBW to save 10% on your order from now through September 30th!


I'm a fan! Kim K. West has really done it with this brand of undergarments and loungewear. These are the items I've ordered in rank from most loved to "I see potential but not marriage material" LOL.

Soft Lounge Legging (I'm actually wearing them as I type this)

Soft Lounge Bralette

Cozy Knit Tank

Cozy Knit Short

Control Short Mid thigh

Smoothing Bralette

Core Control Brief

Bandeau Bra

Core Control Thong

I'm going to tell you what I wish someone would've shared with me, in hopes that all of your Skims will be marriage material.... DO NOT order a smaller size for the shape- enhancing undergarments! Either get your actual size or even a size up. The products are well made with fantastic material so you will still see smoothness and control with a larger size. If you make the mistake of going smaller thinking these are girdles from Marshalls (like I did- no offense to Marshalls) you will experience a rolling down discomfort like never before. Also, the cozy knit set is in no way flattering to my curvy body but it's so fuzzy and comfortable I could care less.

These are my splurge items and because they are hot on the block, my advice is to sign up for the mailing list so you'll have first dibs on when new inventory is available.

Yin Yoga and Wine Fridays

Who am I kidding, I have wine on more days than Fridays LOL. However I have made a routine of taking the Bikram Yoga Works–Yin Yoga class on Fridays at 8pm followed by my own private little happy hour starring my favorite bottle; Saracco Moscato D'Asti.

Listen, when I tell you I am floating on Friday evenings relaxed and as zen as I want to be!

Click the link HERE to sign up for a free week of Bikram Yoga Classes just use the code BREATHEWITHALEX. We can take class together and have a virtual happy hour if you want!

There are a ton of things going on in the world but don't forget to take a second and love on yourself, whether it's a piece of beautiful jewelry or drinking wine in some cozy loungewear after allowing your body to stretch and breathe. Feel free to visit the sites by clicking on the links and titles. Let me know how it goes!

Love ya,


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