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An Hour to Breathe: How Bikram Yoga Works Rescued Me

Y'all... I was so excited when I received the email asking if I would be an ambassador for the Bikram Yoga Works Breathe With Us initiative. I don't know if my fingers have ever replied yes so quickly LOL. I was excited to work out, tone up and share with all of you the incredible benefits of joining this program. I wasn't a bit worried about time constraints with grad school and Oakley, and planning my mom's virtual birthday extravaganza... everything was under control.... HA HA..

Two weeks prior to graduation and a week prior to starting the Breathe With Us program my mom got sick. Like seriously sick, not enough to call the family in, but just enough for constant prayer and a private emotional break down once a day. Was it COVID? Was it salmonella? I spent countless hours trying to research and solve the issue. Doctor visits were pointless as they just sent her away and there was only little improvement from the over counter meds and prescriptions they prescribed. I had already committed to the program and to the virtual party and the entertainer in me always believes that if we're breathing "the show must go on." So there I was trying to take care of Oakley and my mom, plan a party, finish my thesis and internship, give Darryl an occasional hello and start a wellness program (AHHHHH).

I was anxious the day of my first class. I didn't know what to expect but I knew I needed a break, even if it was just 45 minutes of intense exercise! Celine, (the GREAT and wonderful) was the instructor for the HeartHIIT class. I scurried to find my resistance band (that Oakley had conveniently hidden) grab a towel and my mat. IT WAS INTENSE and so wonderful all at the same time! Oakley even made an appearance at the end and was welcomed by Celine as she began to mock me during the workouts. After it was over endorphins were racing through my blood stream and I felt like I could handle anything thrown at me (and trust me more came.)

For the past couple of weeks I've been taking these amazing classes offered by the most kind and conscious black business owners. Through the sweat and the zin I've been able to really set time to focus on myself. Sometimes with the craziness of everything that's going on in the world as well as in our personal lives, we forget about the weight adding up on our shoulders. My mom is feeling much better, the thesis turned out great and I'm so thankful that during that scary time I could take a moment to breathe.

If you're interested in breathing with us, here is a LINK for a free 7 day trial.

1) Go to


3) Select the class on the schedule that you'd like to join 

4) It will take you to a CHECKOUT pop-up screen, view if you have selected the right class, then click NEXT

5) Select the pass titled "Breathe With Us Friends & Family" listed for $100, then scroll down and click NEXT

6) Click on the box titles "ADD PROMO CODE", see the drop down menu to input code


8) The total cost of your pass at checkout should be $0.00. Click CHECKOUT

9) You should see a THANK YOU message

10) View your schedule!

Take some virtual classes (we can even take some together if you want) and don't just believe my words but experience it for yourself! Let me know how it goes.

Love ya,


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