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5 Minute Skin Care Routine for a Busy Wife and Mom: Using Mary Kay's Botanical Effects

Y'all I feel like the part of the day that slips by me so quickly is the morning! The wee hours of the morning are when I can have absolute alone time! Before the pandemic I was juggling mommying, grad school and a full time job. There were a ton of late nights and early mornings (I'm still catching up on sleep from March). In the mornings I would snooze and try to hold on to every last minute of sleep so I needed a fast routine to make sure I still left the house on time ready with glowing skin!

I have been using Mary Kay skincare since I was 10 (back in The Velocity Days LOL). My mom has been a consultant since I was around the age of 3 so I've always had access to samples, products etc. Mary Kay is my main source of skin care products and has carried my skin through, puberty, pregnancy and pandemic anxieties.

I'm currently using the Botanical Effects Regimen Set! I'm obsessed because after I use it my skin feels so fresh and rejuvenated plus a little goes a loooooong way. I use the set twice a day when time allows and my skin tone is noticeably more even as a result (probably due to the aloe extracts inside the formula). These products work great with the current state of my skin being that I have little to no acne (other than my monthly little pimple friend). However, when I was pregnant, Oakley was not always so kind to my skin so I used the Clear Proof Acne Set and received as many "pregnancy is making you glow" compliments my ego could handle.

  • First I dampen my hands with lukewarm water

  • Then I place a small amount of cleansing gel on the tip of my middle and ring fingers and begin to make circular motions all over my face

  • Next I splash my face with lukewarm water (cold if I'm really tired)

  • Pat my face dry with a towel (never rub, your skin is delicate treat it kindly) Tip: leave it damp if your skin needs extra moisture

  • Pour refreshing toner on a cotton swab (cotton balls are fine too) and gently rub all over my face avoiding my eyes

  • Last I squirt a nice sized drop of the moisturizer on my fingers and rub my entire face in a circular motion.

Now listen, I was being generous in the title with the time frame! Once you get the hang of it you'll close your eyes and by the time they open, your face will feel oh so fresh and so clean! But take as much time or less as you need.

Love ya,


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